Subscription mode

New iPad program has subscription payment mode.

Dear Dorico please don’t go this route for the current desktop program. Please. Please. Please. Is this the thin edge of the wedge?


I know that Daniel’s blog post is lengthy, but please do read it.

(Introducing Dorico for iPad, available now – Dorico)


John said that the only reason for a subscription model for the iPad version was that that was the only way the Apple Store would work it. He then explicitly said this was not in the works for the desktop program.


Andro, relax :wink:
if you like to use the iPad version only for the 4 weeks you are on holiday f.e. then nothing is hindering you to subscribe for this month for 3.99 only and cancel again. This means you can use up to 12 players during your holiday and return to your desktop for the rest of the year.

For the sake of everyone’s sanity, let’s please not perpetuate this rumor…

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Indeed-- John said it during the livestream; Daniel made comments during the livestream; it’s in Daniel’s blog posts…

No subscription for the forthcoming desktop version.

Just make it stop! They’ve been over this a million times.

In this case it makes eminent sense. Apple has no mechanism for paid updates, you have to release a new app which is really clumsy. So a sub makes sense. However it does imply the team should provide yearly updates to make it worth paying for.

Read Daniel’s blog post; he indicated that regular updates would be pushed, and new features would be rolled out in due course to keep (as much) parity (as possible). He said all users would benefit, free or subscribed (although some features would be reserved for subscribers).

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If I may quote myself here:

I know that many users are wary of subscription software. I personally do not share these concerns, but I certainly understand them. In the case of software distributed through Apple’s App Store, it is — for both better and worse — one of the only sustainable revenue models. Subscriptions are among the only ways developers can offer a free trial, and they support the ongoing development to remain compatible with rapidly evolving platforms. Another benefit is that after one year of subscribing, Apple lowers their commission fee from 30% to 15%. So even if this was a $40 purchase each year (and there’s no upgrade pricing in the App Store), Steinberg stands to earn more if they use the subscription model.

I know we are likely all tied to a lot of subscriptions already, but I think there is a lot of value here for the price. Steinberg and the Dorico team are acutely aware of the subscription hesitancy among users, and made it abundantly clear in the Dorico for iPad release notes that they have no intention of creating subscriptions for the desktop version of Dorico . My apologies to those of you who have already started crafting your conspiracy theories.

We really don’t need to fear this having an impact on the desktop.

Well thank goodness folks. I can breathe easy. Thanks for all the clarification. I can happily go back to grumbling about Adobe! :slight_smile:

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