substituting a snare drum sample for the original

I’m recording a drum track with the electronic drumset “Roland TD-4KP” V-drums portable set, and I’ve created a snare drum sound/sample (not on the drum kit but on a cubase) that I want to substitute into the track instead of keeping the electronic drum set snare. Problem is, I don’t know how to put this sample in, in order to replace the snare sound on my electric kit in the track.
Things I’m unsure of:
1.) When I try and put the snare drum sample into the track that I have recorded with my electric drum kit, it automatically goes to the start of the bar which is not what I want, when I want on beat 2 or 4 for instance.
2.) I need to keep the hi-hat in the track as well, and it looks like it won’t stay if I insert the snare drum
3.) I don’t want this sound only on the backbeats either, I want it to be a constant feature of the track.
4.) The process to do this.
So is there anyway I could:
1.) Substitute the sample into the track to replace the snare drum sound on the electronic drumset used to record the track?
i.) (Not only for backbeats)
2.) Download the sound onto the electronic drumset itself?)
(Using cubase AI7 by the way.)
If you reply, please use relatively simple instructions as I’m quite new to music production and recording…
Thanks in advance

In general, it’s usually best to fix prolbems as close to the source as possible. Two approaches come to mind:

  1. Yes, loading the sample to the drum kit is probably the best.
  2. Have you recorded the MIDI from the drum kit? If so it would be relatively easy to separate out the drum note triggering the snare sound to a separate track. You could load your new snare sample into Groove agent and trigger it from the snare MIDI track.

Thanks a lot for your reply… I’m recording midi out of the interface and audio in which obviously gives me the sound that also hear on the electronic kit. I can’t find groove agent… Please could you give me some directions?