Subtitle in parts

I’m sure I’m missing something but I am trying to get the subtitle (or other information) to appear in all parts, not just the score. I want it to appear as:

(Title) When the Saints Go Marching In
(Subtitle in smaller print) interoplates St. James Infirmary

but I am not able to find a solution. I am probably missing it because it is so obvious. Any help really appreciated.

Hi Ian, by default the full score uses a different master page set to parts.

You need to edit the First master page in the Default Full Score master page set and then do the same change to the First master page in the Default Part master page set. For information about the master page editor, see here or there’s this handy video -

PS if you’ve added the subtitle manually to the full score, i.e. directly onto page one, you will have created a master page override.

Many thanks Lillie, now it works.