SubWoofer and Control Room clarification.

Hello world,

I am thinking of buying a SubWoofer. I use the Control Room for my monitors and I like it, but, AFAIK Control Room only enables a pair or a single monitor at time. Can control Room handle 2 main monitors + 1 subwoofer or I have to switch on and off the subwoofer each time manually?

Thank You.

You will have to do it manually, there is no such standard as Stereo + Subwoofer.
I guess you could use L+R+C, but then when you switch to mono in the control room only the subwoofer would be playing.

Isn’t the subwoofer signal integrated into the monitors? For example: the Yamaha HS8S subwoofer takes L and R in, skims off the bottom end for itself, then passes on what’s left to the regular monitors.

I use an Adam Sub 8 with a pair of Adam A7X’s. The sub controls the A7x’s. Both of the signal out cables, Phono/TRS go to the sub and you can control the frequency cutoff and the volume of the sub. It works just the same as a stereo pair.

Like Peakae said above, you can use various surround formats in Control Room to integrate your subs. I’m using a Quadro output for a stereo monitor setup with stereo subs. I use the MChannelMatrix plugin from Melda to mirror the stereo signal to the 2 additional channels of the quadro bus. I also use additional plugins in Control Room to create a digital crossover but you may not need to do that if you already have that taken care of in the subs.

Hi J-S-Q can you please explain your routing? I dont understand where to put the MChannelMatrix plugin and where to route.

I have 1 stereo pair mains and one stereo subwoofer thats need eq’ing


Assuming that your Subwoofer is Powered, I purchased a BBE MAX-X3 from Amazon. It’s a Crossover with a Subwoofer channel. It works beautifully.
The Important part is removing the low frequencies from your stereo speakers. Even though your speakers can’t reproduce the lows, that power is still over-driving the Speakers and keeping them from being as clear and responsive as they should be.
If you DO purchase one of these ( about $185 ) respond here and I’ll give you some tips on setting it up.