Successful Connections From Dorico To VE Pro 6?

I’m curious, is anyone successfully connecting Dorico to VE Pro 6 instances?

My initial attempts have resulted in a crash of both VE Pro and Dorico, but there might be something I’m missing. I can add a VE Pro instance, but connection attempts bring on the crash.

According to some previous posts by Daniel’s this type of thing is working, only the Expression Map functionality is missing at this point.

If others have been successful, I’ll know to keep at it. If not, I’ll know to wait until this is working.

Works for me. macOS Sierra public beta 4.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, dbudde.

I’m on Windows, but at least your post tells me the functionality is working for someone. Reports from Windows users are welcome.

Several of our beta testers have been able to connect to VE Pro.

However I wouldn’t suggest spending too long getting it to do anything useful just yet as this will be very frustrating without the expression map support and the better support for routing that we plan to get into an update soon.

Thanks, Paul, that’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Sounds like it’s better to wait.