Successive "Render in Place" makes everything buggy


I’m encountering a very strange issue when “Rendering in Place” in Nuendo 11.0.10 on Windows 10.

I have an EZDrummer track, with each instrument on a different lane: Kick on Lane 1, Snare on Lane 2, etc. I want to render them in audio to mix them. To do that, I’m soloing each lane to export individually each instrument. Everything works fine for the first lanes, but after 6-8 exports, everything becomes buggy. I cannot do anything in Nuendo (it takes minutes for the computer to complete every action), and I cannot even access the Task Manager on Windows…

I tried different “Render Settings”, I even deactivated all the plug-ins on the track (I want to export everything dry), but it always ends the same: I have to shut down my PC by pressing its power button… It’s the first time after a couple of years of using it that I’m driven to such an extreme! :sweat_smile:

Did you encounter such a behavior with the “Render in Place” function? Did you find a solution?

Thank you very much for your insights! :grin: