Such a basic question

Hi I just installed Cubase Elements 7 and opened the first Lesson. Doh! No sound. So I followed the step by step instructions on going to Devices>Device SetUp and then Devices>VST Settings, but although all is set correctly, still no sound on my first lesson. Am I doing something glaringly wrong? Laptop and sound work fine in other programmes.
Thank you.

This can be very frustrating when first learning the product.

There are many signal paths and various ways to loose or mute a sound. Far to may to explain here. You also need to specify the problem, is it Audio or MIDI? Is your sound card set up right? Have you muted something, is an instrument loaded, is the mic on, the amp, is it wired right…

You need to check VST connections. The Cubase “Getting started” manual is the best place to be, work through it from page 1… it saves time in the end.