Sudden audio lag (too many plugins, but which ones?)

Hi folks,

I’ve hit a weird problem where I’ve suddenly got massive input lag when recording a guitar audio track (I say massive - it’s probably about 1/2 a second, but enough to make it unplayable).

The project i’m recording is modest, and I wouldn’t have thought I have too man plug-ins active. I have about 2 VIs and 3 audio tracks with a number of effects inserts.

I know this isn’t a buffer issue as I’ve tried opening a new project with just the single audio track and it’s fine.

So - how can I narrow down what’s causing the issue please? I’ve bypassed all the plugins but I’ve still got the latency issue. Any ideas how I can track this down please?



In the MixConsole you can set it to show the latency on each Channel, which should help narrow down the search.

aha, that’s it! I had no idea that existed (it’s been “a few” years since i’ve been using cubase…).

I’ve found the offending channel and plug-ins and all’s sorted now. Thanks very much raino!