Sudden bizarre latency issue.

I suddenly have a 30 second latency issue. A note played on my Roland keyboard lights up the midi router in real time but doesn’t “appear” in cubase for between 20 and 30 seconds and when it does, it’s in slow motion (if I played two quavers, they sound like minims) WTF?. Had no problem two days ago. Then my PC crashed with an unrelated browser issue while Cubase was open. Could it have been corrupted somehow? If so, what’s the recovery process?

There is an article in the knowledge base about resetting the preferences of “the sequencer”. Maybe worth a try.

Aloha B and bummer!

I like users that post terms like:
quavers and minims

For many years I have kept all other software (especially on-line stuff)
off the 'puter on which Cubase was installed for just this reason.

If this prob persists, you may have to uninstall and re-install
Cubase (and possibly yer OS) to get back completely to normal.

As a side note,
The new C7 with the ‘Steinberg Hub’ that
encourages us to go on-line right from the DAW,
is IMHO like an accident waiting to happen.

Hope you get this all sorted.

At risk of stating the obvious: what asio driver is working right now? When I have crash or problem, so etimes the asiodriver switches and I get big latency.