Sudden blacklist + Reactivation failed (OS X 10.12.6)

Hey all.

Running Cubase 10 Pro on OS X 10.12.6, and last couple of days I’ve lost contact with two VSTs that have never given me problems before: Spitfire LABS and EastWest Opus. I can read them both in the Instruments menu when creating a new track, and the MIDI track is created if I select either of them – but the VST doesn’t launch. Opus even shows up in the Blacklist (along with BBC SO Discover from Spitfire, which is odd since their Intimate Strings VST which is arguably the same thing launches without issue), and refuses to be re-activated or re-scanned into existence.

Not used to having things just drop off like this, any idea what can be amiss? Reluctant to do something drastic like reinstall or push to Mojave hoping for a miracle cure.

All the best from Sweden,


Hi and welcome to the forum,

By any chance, are both of the plug-ins protected by iLok? If yes, make sure, the Pace server and software are up to date, please.

As far as I know, Opus as rather new, right? I remember, it was very sensitive in the early stage. Do you have the latest update installed, please? As it is a new plug-in, is it macOS 10.12 (5 years old system) compatible?

Thank you twice! :slight_smile:

No iLok, and yes Opus is fairly new – but it worked like a charm upon installation and for several days until it was suddenly blacklisted. When I open my projects that utilised it, those tracks are unassigned and silent. #sads

It is indeed an old system; I’m running on a Mac Pro 5,1 and while I have upgraded the GPU to Metal, enabling me to go Mojave etc, I’ve been holding back since I’d lose parts of the functionality I presently enjoy with some hardware (SSL Nucleus + Access Virus TI desktop mainly).

To be honest, seeing as it’s getting long in the tooth, I am half considering going iMac M1 Mini w 16GB and bite the bullet of having to repurchase some tech (UAD PCIe plugins will have to go, too expensive a workaround so looks like a satellite or Apollo Twin).