Sudden crackling audio

I am not sure what is going on here, though have a feeling that it is caused by a service starting perhaps. The issue is that when I am working with any song, the audio at any time suddenly goes crackly and distorted.
The system was fine for months and then I updated some of the areas - ie - bios, chipset, and windows, then the issues started. There is no way to revert back to any of the previous settings either.
I am using Windows 7 64bit with Cubase 32, JBridge, alongside a Digidesign 003 Rack (8.3b driver which is the only one that is suppose to work, and was previously - other drivers have not allowed a clean sound over the last year at any time, there’s loads of info on it in forums - and this is not the issue). I believe that the problem is a service that is triggering the audio to flip out.

I have applied ALL of the Steinberg’s tweaks to the system to the Bios, Energy Saver, Graphics, graphic card updates, audio updates, Background service tweaks and still have the same issue going on. The system was perfect until the updates and I have uninstalled them and the same issue is there.

If anyone can shed some light on what service may have been started, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks



Do you use your soundcard also for the Windows Sounds ?



The windows sounds are disabled - though I can see the little speaker at the bottom of the screen and it shows that my 003 is rooted through it. I do not remember that being there before though…?!! I guess I could disable all audio outs through that, would that make a difference I wonder? I will give it a try

Tried, same issue.



[1]… Do you use any flux plug ins? If you do try disabling the flux A&B services, it means the plug ins wont work but see if the issue goes away!

[2]… Do you have the internet switched on ? If so turn it off! Then turn off any internet security e.g kaspersky etc.
[3]… I’ve found in the past when updating windows can cause problems, i would suggest uninstalling the last lot of updates you’ve just done since it stopped working, you can do this by going to Windows Update → Click on windows history → At the top you will see Installed Updates click on that → It will now list all the updates made on your computer, i would go off the latest date for example if you did a load of updates on the 30th Jan 2012 select those to uninstall, you will have to do them individually so click on one that you want to uninstall then near the top click on uninstall and just do this for all with that date, just follow on screen instructions some you uninstall may need a reboot but you will need to reboot when you have done them all anyway.
[4] Check your sound cards latency what does it say in ms or buffer size?

Cheers Martin

Hey, thanks for that.
I use no flux plugins.
My Internet connection is off and I have uninstalled AVG.
I also tried uninstalling everything and it is the same with sudden pops.
I believe that something was turned on during the updates but really have no idea what it is.

Is there a way to keep an eye on exactly what services are triggered and when, apart from with cont/alt/del? Maybe this is the way to find out what kicks in!?

Also, just wondering if the new C6 updates have anything to do with this issue?

Cheers… Hope I can get this sorted. I am simply having to reset the audio when the distortion occurs, which is i
annoying, weird and breaks my creative flow :frowning:

You may have tried this, but if not then download this latency checker ( and run it on your machine. It’s a superb, tiny tool that will give you an interesting insight into any issues that are affecting your machine’s ability to smoothly stream audio or video data.


Thanks for that. I have used DPC Latency Checker and it shows the latency is between 60 and 100us. It is not peaking at all.
I spoke to Steinberg this morning and they told me to attempt delete all the preferences. I have since resorted everything and continue to have the same issue.
I just stopped Service indexing which I thought was off before… wondering if that may fix the issue. I will report back… :nerd: :confused:

Just wondering - if Kontakt and East West sound libraries are on a partician of the OS Win7 drive, could it cause the audio dropout issue??!!??? I am now finding the ASIO getting maxed out when this happens.
This has not however been an issue prior to the updates etc.
Now also defragmenting, switching off indexing, and moving folders to other drives to see if it will make everything work as it did. I remember that I also had a Kontakt 5 update around the same time…