sudden drop in volume in wave file

When I export a cpr file…that is…make it into a wave or MP3 file, there is a sudden drop in volume (loudness) at a certain point in the music (for a second or 2) on the wave (or MP3) file. There is NO corresponding drop in loudness on the original cpr file of this music. I am at a complete loss as to what is causing this, and it comes at a bad moment…the climax of the entire piece, when the music should be very loud!! I have tried lowering the volume of every track, but that does not help…and, anyway, the drop in volume does not happen at any other place in a very loud piece. Thanks for any help on this.

Ken Laufer

What version and build of Cubase are you using? What OS are you on?

If you start a new empty project, import a commercially recorded audio file, then export it, do you get the same drop out?

If not, in the project this is occurring, what plugins do you have loaded?

I use Cubase 5…64 bit, I think. The plug ins I used for the cpr file are only the acoustic piano sound from the Halion VST instrument. All the other tracks were audio tracks of me singing and clapping my hands. The OS I use is Windows 7. This drop in volume has not happened for a long time with much use of Cubase for many projects.

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What version and build number is it (Help, About)? Do you have the same issue in the new empty project with an audio file in it?