Sudden dynamic spike every now and then

I wonder if this will happen to someone else. From time to time, Dorico plays the score I’m working on as if it had a very strong dynamic. It happens every one in three or four times. The solution is to stop and resume playback. This happens with any score and I must say that it is not something new but now it happens more frequently. By the way, I use NotePerformer for playback.


I’ve certainly never experienced this, nor do I recall seeing other people report it. Do you find this is specific to one project in particular?

Not that this is happening to you, Antonio, but I once had my sound cut out entirely and later discovered my mouse cable was brushing against the volume knob for my computer speakers.

Hi Daniel,

No, it happens with any score. It happened before, on my iMac, and now that I’ve switched to a PC, it happens even more. I haven’t reported it because I can’t find a way to reproduce it. It happens randomly. I could make a video but don’t know if that would help.


Oh, wow! No, I’m sure it’s nothing like that. Brand new hardware here. :smiley: