Sudden FW performance issue with onscreen video - any tips?

Trumppi, Andrew,

here is another try: Can you please check if the symptom is dependent to 32-bit plug-ins running in 64-bit Nuendo?
If you have 32-bit plug-ins running, please unload them and see if the problem remains. It is possible that we are seeing a conflict between the VST-Bridge and the video engine.


I’m still using 32bit Nuendo…

Bye / Tumppi

Just saw now that you are looking into this - GREAT!

As for 64 - I’m on 32bit also.
Any idea if 5.5.5 will solve this?

Thanks for trying to help, Bodo!

@Tumppi, what Fireface driver and firmware version are you on? I’m still pretty “old” as I have a model with headphone clicking on new firmware that would need a modification to fix.

I am also on the legacy FW driver in Win7. What is your current “FF800-path”?


This issues has just spoilt my last recording session. Luckily only voice-overs with short snippets. Still dropouts in the recordings :frowning:

Any news on this? Why is the video window interfering with the firewire playback? N4 is fine. PT is fine. Weird…

It seems that removing the ACPI battery (or rather both of them) in the system panel / hardware has cleared the issue, though I still need to check with the session that brought up the issue.

Maybe worth a try for others - that and disabling wifi adapter.