Sudden Gigantic Issues with Cubase

Dear all…

I have browsed the topics in the forum and have not stumbled upon an answer to my very sudden and terrifying problem with Elements 7.

There have been times in the past, when the Mix Console would not work 100% on certain projects. For instance, windows would display but would be unmanageable; menu’s such as Channel Racks would not drop down, or windows would seem to go endlessly way below the monitor screen, and alas, would be useless. However, I always worked around this by using channel editors for the most part.

Sometimes cubase would say ‘Elements has stopped working and has to shut down…’

Today, i thought everything was fine, the sound was playing but then -
I realised the meters were not displaying the audio, the CPU meter, input, output meters - all blank.
Weird, because all plug ins worked fine…
Then i realised that all my menus were not working. I click on Sends and it does not collapse, i click on EQ and it doesn’t expand, or collapse the sends.
The Mix Console faders couldn’t be moved or anything else within the cubase windows either.
Like I said the plugins could be searched for, selected and they worked.
File, Edit, View… they all work as normal.
I tried 2 or 3 projects before I panicked.
Then cubase crashed on exit again.

HELP please, anybody encountered something like this, am I doomed? Very close to the end of a long album project and cubase has given me a lot of bother in the last year so hope to find a solution…

Thanks very very much in advance for any assistance.

Maybe the CPU is overloaded and strained out. did you looked how much space is empty or even full. do you go to internet with your PC?

I am having the Same problem. Did anyone have a solution?