sudden latency issues

hi guys, this is my first post on here and kind of an amateur so bare with me. I’ve been using Cubase 5 for a while with an Impact Twin sound card, 4gb memory on a laptop all working very well. Installed Sibelius 7 last week and had latency issues there that I resolved and then when I went back to Cubase I was shocked to find a latency of about186ms. Is this because my computer cant handle both programs (I didn’t run them simultaneously) or is it because through trying different drivers in Sibelius, this has somehow affected the settings for Cubase too? Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

What driver with which buffer settings are you running Cubase with now…?

Thanks thinking cap, the driver I’m using now is the same as before I installed Sibelius which is the ASIO TC NEAR, buffer size is set at 8192. I’m guessing that’s too high, need to reduce it?


Right I’ve reduced it to buffer size 64 which now gives me a latency of 1.5 (obviously massive difference and very relieved its not my computer!). Possibly picking up some distortion which means I probably need to tweak around with buffer size? 96 will give me a latency of 2.2 (shame I cant remember my original settings). Any suggestions for settings or general acceptable latency? Also any ideas as to why the settings changed after installing Sibelius? Thanks

You determin what is acceptable for you, for any given task…

Cool, thks again :slight_smile: