Sudden loss of sound in Cubase 11

Hello! Recently I have a problem with the lack of sound in Cubase 11. When working on a project I use the Roland FA-06 as the audio interface which has an audio interface built in. I have several MIDI and AUDIO tracks in the project. Occasionally, the sound suddenly disappears while playing back a project. When I select a MIDI track - I can play the keyboard and I hear the sound but when I want to play the audio tracks or even the loaded VST plugins - there is no sound. Restarting the CUBASE program helps, but I don’t know what the reason is. Do you have any ideas? I would like to add that when I switch to Generic LOW Latency ASIO Driver - the sound is there. Could this be the fault of the Roland FA-06 and its driver?


Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

Hi Martin. Currently I have a buffer set in the range of 10-12 milliseconds on input and output. I’ll try to increase the buffer a little bit and see what happens. Yesterday I made some changes to the control panel in Windows 10 related to the power management of USB ports. I left all the options without saving energy, and for now everything is fine. I will add that I also have the UR12 interface connected and there have never been any problems even with a smaller buffer. Maybe the problem is with the synthesizer I use as an audio interface?


It’s not necessary a problem, if the Audio Device (synth) driver is good, then it should work.