Sudden pitch shift in every VSTi

If I would start a project and set up say a piano. It will work perfect for a little while. Yet suddenly it shifts some semi tone pitch. Cant get the correct pitch back with my midi keyboard. This problem previously didn’t exist. Cant seem to find an answer anywhere so I hope some of you can help me!

Cubase artist 9.5

Something must be sending a pitch message somewhere. Could be your keyboard.

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Also make sure, your Project Sample Rate matches the Audio Device Sample Rate, please.

That is for audio files, the question is about virtual instruments.
I have this as well, suddenly on every midi track - apparently random - something is shifting the pitch.

It was a faulty pitch wheel for me sending midi data. You might want to check that.

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I will try that, thanks. Meanwhile I have found the following to work, so other people might try:

  • disconnect MIDI in on the instrument track, so no MIDI input, unless you need it
  • insert one pitch modulation data point with a value of 0 at the start of your MIDI part

Obviously these are work arounds.
I will test if the pitch wheel on the MIDI keyboard could be the problem.

You could try adding a MIDI Monitor to the track to see if there’s any data being sent unintentionally.