Sudden slowed down project

Hi there,
my project suddenly slowed down though the tempo wasn’t changed.
i started a new project and it only has one midi track that i recorded and edited and suddenly after i duplicated it, it started to get slower for some reason and not align with the tempo.
I didn’t use the tempo track/time warp and it doesn’t regard the sample rate. I did notice that the longer the track is the slower it gets. so each time it gets longer i need to double the tempo for some reason.
can anyone help me troubleshoot the issue please?

thank you

Hello and welcome.

Could you maybe start by letting us know

  • which edition of Cubase you use
  • which version number
  • which operating system

Right now you don’t have the rights to upload screenshots as you are a new forum member but if you spend like half an hours reading stuff here you should be ready to go. Screenshots would really help here.

thank you!

  1. cubase 12 pro
  2. windows 11, 64 bit
    I tried to look up some stuff around here and found different issues that are somewhat similar to mine but each case was more specific than what I’m experiencing