Sudden termination

This is for 2.0 IOS 15.3 although it has been happening on the first version.

Sometimes when I am in Write mode and switch to Setup (or any other) the application closes without warning and has to be restarted. anyone else noticed something like this?


I had the same experience a few times
thinking of having touched a key without knowing it.

In due course we will be able to see any crash reports generated when Dorico for iPad crashes, provided you allow them to be sent to Apple anonymously to help app developers find problems. Right now, we’re not seeing any crashes from yesterday’s launch, but I guess they will start to show up within a day or two.

So for the time being I can’t provide any insight into what might be going on. It could be that Dorico is being terminated by iPadOS summarily for using too much RAM, or it could be any number of any other things.

If you’re able to discern a pattern, please let me know.