Sudden Volume Jumps of Certain Channels in Cubase Pro 12

Hello there,

so since earlier today i’m experiencing very random and sudden volume drops of certain channels - in this case kick and bass. If I’m playing the critical area in a loop, its just happening randomly every few times when repeating - although when not in loop mode, the volume drops for one second or more.

Now I tried to see if any automations were made accidentally or anything else, but i wasnt able to find anything.

I’m using a MacBook Pro M1 with Cubase Pro 12.

If you know a fix to this problem please let me know.




Do you use any remote device by any chance?

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Not for this session tho


Any plug-in in the Demo/Trial mode by any chance?

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Hello I don’t have any plugins in demo mode - and all those I use are either purchased or part of a subscription (which is paid). Also checked if there is any issue with iLok or other licensing software, but that also doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’ve checked every channel for false automations - also not the case. No remote devices either. I’m out of ideas tbh. :thinking: thanks for your time to help :pray:t2:


Is there any dynamic effect involved? Any side-chain?