Sudden weirdness makes meters read incorrectly: Mostly Resolved

Hi all …

To date WL9.5 (current update) has been incredibly stable on my Windows 10 system. One of, if not the, most rock-solid apps I’ve ever had.

Last night, I closed WL9.5 and worked briefly with a Sonoris DDP. I then relaunched WL9.5.

It kind of did not ‘look right’ and when it returned to the previous session weird things were obvious.

I restored the layout from my saved preference.

One weird thing was that the system lost the preference to place .gpk files in a different folder.

But the meters (which are on another screen) are the real problem. For some reason, the Timecode had changed its settings. Tiis was easily fixed.

But the Level Meters no longer function correctly! The digital/ppm is about 1.5 dBFS down from where it should be on a reference track and the VU is similarly lower.This is with zero plugins.

Also, suddenly, there is a WL10 style 1/4"gap at the top of the screen (they were full screen before).

EDIT: and also the Global Analysis of any .wav file is greyed out … that is ‘Analyze’ is greyed out.

I have used all my tricks to try and fix this. Even resorting to an uninstall and reinstall.

It’s possibly just a small setting somewhere.

Sound comes out and otherwise it looks OK.

The thing is, I have ‘lost confidence’ in WL9.5 until I know all is good again.

I also have WL10 and it functions correctly.

I need to work out what’s happening here … because if it can happen with WL9.5 I’m concerned it could happen with WL10.


Hi all …

I have resolved most of these issues by deleting the Preferences folder … but this time copying across the Preferences from the Laptop.

This seems to have worked … the meters are now working correctly and all of the other weirdness has gone.

All I had to do was re-organize the meters screen but this was a small inconvenience.

However, I would still like to understand ‘what went wrong’ as a part of me thinks that this was more than simply ‘scrambled Preferences’. The inability to canalize a wav file and the incorrect meter readouts for example.

There were no Windoze updates or any other changes on this system in the lead up to this event.


Sorry, that does not remember me a similar case. Hence I don’t have a clue. Good that you could find a solution.

Thank you for considering this PG.

It now feels completely ‘rock solid’ again.

A corrupted cache is my best guess. But like you, I have no real clue. I

I am now making sure I have a recent backup of Preferences on another disk.