Sudden white noise in audio files in C Pro 8. Any ideas why?

I suggest that you check to see if Cubase and all of your stand alone VSTs are set to “run as administrator”.

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Audio plugin demo expired?

I even had the “run as admin” change on me after a windows update. Something not even related to Cubase. Weird.

Regardless… I hope that is it. Don’t forget to check the stand alone VSTs too. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Headlands, I have exactly the same behaviour as you described. Have you found any solutions? I also though SSD disc,
copied all to another drive and again random bursts, wrong tracks playback…
I hope thats Cubase and they will make something cause it is very difficult to work so…


I tried with VST2 only but random noises ocured again. Thank you for your advice, I know at least my SSD is OK:)
Do you know maybe if I try older instals from 2014, last year I didnt have any troubles or it is Cubase 8.030 + Plugin alliance combination?