Suddenly, a whole bunch of back up projects are appearing in my recycle bin

So, I never remember deleting back up projects, but as of late, in fact, for a few weeks now, there have been a lot of back up projects showing up in my recycle bin. What could be the cause of that? Is that normal behavior?

That’s new in Dorico 3. It didn’t do that in 2.x, but now it’s “the new normal”. There’s a blurb about it in the version history and/or the Ginormous Manual That Shall Not Be Printed. :wink:

There was always a limit to the number of copies of a project stored in the backup projects directory. In Dorico 2 the oldest ones were just deleted, in Dorico 3 they are moved to the recycle bin.

You can change how many are kept in the backup project folder in Edit / Preferences / General / Files.