Suddenly can only change volume through automation

Hi all,

I’ve just encountered a very strange situation upon opening my project file, where some of the parts were not audible. It turned out that they were now showing -inifinity volume (I defintiely did not leave them like that), but for some reason I cannot change it using the volume slider. Dragging it simply doesn’t do anything. The fader is the same, it will not move. And yet, if I add an automation point (there was no automation previously), I CAN set the volume. This frees up the slider again, unless I set it back to -infinity, at which point it gets stuck again.

What on earth is going on? Presumably this is a bug but I don’t know what actually caused it, has anyone experienced this before? Can I stop it from hapenning? I’m also worried that other parameters could have been affected without me noticing…

Thanks in advance!