suddenly cannot open project


i’ve been working on a project which was originally a Cubase file from back in 2012 (Elements). I opened the project in Cubase 9.5 Artist and renamed it immediately, stripping out any old plugins. I’ve succesfuuly worked on the project for 2 weeks. Just adding audio tracks. Tonight it went poof - vanished - while comping audio. When i restart the PC, Windows 10 said it wanted to update (is that a coincidence?). So I update windows and now the project wont open. It puts a message window up saying it cannot find a whole list of plugins, and the OK button wont click. Only way to stop it is ctl alt del. The audio track input monitor is active though!!

All backups of this project act the same way. Other projects i open are fine.

Ive tried doing a system restore to revert pre windows update and also restoring factory preferences.

It has crash dumped once in 30 attempts to open it. Attached.

Appreciate any help getting this project open again :slight_smile:
Cubase Artist 64bit 2019.5.15 22.21.dmp (693 KB)

and suddenly all my licensed products have gone from the Elicenser.

Wow. An hour ok i was happily creating. Now i cannot even open Cubase.

what a productive evening.

Now all my licenses have reappeared and I have my project back - by opening a different project, then opened this problematic project but did not activate it. Saved it. Closed it. opened it. Activated it. Saved it. Closed it. opened it. And hey! back where i was two hours ago. Id rather be writing great songs to be honest…