Suddenly Cubase 4AI cant find USB Ports

Have not been recording for about a month. When starting Cubase 4AI to start recording, the software did not find the USB ports. when setting up I always go to Devices/Device Setup/Control Panel/ cubase no longer finds the USB ports when looking at the inputs they say not connected. Any ideas about what could have happened? Never had a problem before setting projects up that same way.

Try trashing Prefs. Look to my sig.

Cubase does not look for USB ports, it looks for audioports, which it gets provided by your interface´s driver (given you have selected the correct inteface driver). Since I can´t see any “control panel” tab in the device setup of Cubase AI 4, suppose you´re in the “VST audio system - driver” tab (Which has a control panel button to launch your interface´s control panel). The device setup shows the ports as “inactive” (if that´s what you mean by “not connected”, as long as they are not connected to a Cubase input bus. How all this is done is explained in the Cubase manuals. And additionally you´ll have to check your soundcard´s (whichever that is) manual also.