Suddenly Dorico wont open projects

Out of nowhere this just started happening consistenly:


Click cancel and Dorico just hangs. A rather serious and unexpected matter. So, I suppose I follow the instructions and submit to Steinberh Technical Support?

I anybody else seeing this? Why would this suddenly occur? I use Dorico heavily all day every day. Have not encountered this. Dorico 4.0.20.

And now Steinberg support ‘create support request’ directs me to Yamaha Australia for support. I am not having good hopes about that, having tried to deal with them in the past to no avail. They don’t know anything, to say the least - sorry, that’s the reality.

I think you should post the diagnostics here for Ulf and the team.

Here’s the crash dump file:

Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.3.20 0.39.dmp (542.9 KB)

But on the positive side, that’s a more-than-usually helpful Error Notification!

@david-p yes, you coukl say that!

Well, in desperation I resorted to the choice of reinstalling Dorico with the Download Manager, normally an ignorant and basically dumb thing to do. I am surprised to say this corrected the problem and I can continue working. This problem had persisted across multiple reboots and now it has gone away. Leaves one with a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but I’ll live with it for now. Meanwhile I continue to watch the patient closely.

It would still be interesting to hear what the crash dump file is telling us, so as to have a more scientific understanding of what happened.

@Andro, yes, true, I also always want to know why something is crashing. But this one is rather difficult. It’s a crash that stems from the VSTAudioEngine Plug-in-set (the set of plug-ins that Dorico comes out of the box with).
It’s crashing while processing a VU metering update message. I guess it is difficult to reproduce this issue, right. But still, let me do know and post dump files again. Maybe sooner or later we will get behind the scene.
Sorry for all the trouble.