Suddenly getting random lockups

Hey, guys.

I’m running 10.5.12 on Windows 10, build 1909. Everything’s been running great and I traditionally haven’t had stability issues. I do old school recording, tracking live instruments, very modest use of plugins. The past couple of weeks, however, Cubase will suddenly just lock up. Task manager shows cubase.exe using around 15% cpu, but listed as unresponsive. I have to reboot because after the crash it won’t restart and play nice with the Mackie MCU again unless I do.

I haven’t installed anything new, but there was a Windows update recently so that’s high on my list of suspects. I haven’t installed 10.5.20 yet as this build had been running fine and I’m trying to avoid changing too many things at once while I troubleshoot.

Just wondering if anyone else has begun having new problems the past couple of weeks, and if so, what your course of action was.