Suddenly, I don't hear the click track.

Just working merrily along on a project and then the metronome stops working. I didn’t change a thing, it just stopped working. Any ideas?


  1. bug
  2. use error
  3. configuration problem

This has been happening to me since Cubase 5 with multiple control room outputs; the click will just start skipping counts.

Check what the metronome is outputting to. This is common if sent to more than one output which it seems to do by default. Sorry I can’t give you more info but I’m not in front of my Studio PC

Personally, I find the built in click dreadful.

Set up a regular MIDI track that sends to a default drum VSTi of your choice. Highlight the 1 beat, and duplicate until you have a full length click track. Save that as the default template, and your problem is forever solved, and as a bonus you don’t have to listen to that dreadful click.

Hey Drac,
You read my mind. Got tired of messin’ with it and did just what you said, created my own click. Seems a lot more stable.

Thanks, -pf

I’ve just been making my own click with one of the cowbell samples and sending it to the studio sends

For something really retro - recordings of Laurence Welk “ah oneah and ah twoahh…” :laughing: