Suddenly, Lower panel jups to start of file. Possible bug

When I open the lower panel to “edit” a trill Dorico jumps to the beginning of the file.
The option to set the intervall of the trill also disappear.

This behavior changes if i do Alt+Z (Cusom Zoom Level) to 88, possibly also other values.
Maybe it has something to do with setting View → Zoom → Two Pages.

It can be related to another problem: When changing score layout in Write mode (the menu left of Show Tabs) the score jumps to the beginning of the file.

I’m on Windows 10 and Dorico Pro 3.5 version

Yes, this problem can occur if you are using one of the “fit…” zoom levels and is caused by a miscalculation in which page Dorico should be focusing on. If you change the zoom level by even 1% so that the zoom level is ostensibly the same but not exactly matching the “fit…” level, you should find that the problem does not occur. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks. I can live with that :wink:
I think there are some issues when working with
multiflow-big-files. Changing from different scorelayouts(?)
and writemode to setup mode everything seems to jump in
unexpected ways.
But I’m a newbee and have no good example yet.