suddenly Media Rack : vst instruments freeze and no solution anymore

Hi guys,

I’m working for year with my cubase.
I got a very strange artifact yesterday and can not solve it anymore.
cubase 10.0.50 is my last version.

I did NOT install any new vst’s, nothing.
in the past, I took a picture of all vst instruments, so when opening the media rack : vst instruments, I could see all my vst’s.
now yesterday without any reason, when I click on the vst instruments in media rack, cubase freeze and over and out.
I can not do anything anymore.

so today I decided to uninstall the full cubase and reïnstalled it, but no luck also.
when I open cubase , and then try to insert a vst instrument without the visual media rack, this works, all vst’s work like a charm.
but when trying to have the vst’s visual in media rack, : vst instruments, then cubase just stop working.
very bad since I really do not know why this suddenly happens, without any possible reason or changes.

I hope that somebody can give me a clue how to solve this, I think that there is something currupt with the images of the vst’s…
I did also a total rescan of all vst’s, no issue’s found, … so I have no more idea how to solve it.

who can help me out here.


Are you Mac or Windows? Does it crash or hang?

Windows, and yesterday night I decided to test something out.
I deleted all the thumbnails from the vst folder :
On Windows it’s C:\Users\Me\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails

I actually just copy them to other folder (to have backup :slight_smile: )
started cubase, open the Media Rack : Vst instruments : all loaded in one time without any problem.
then just copied the thumbnails back in the folder, open cubase, go to vst instruments in media rack … problem solved.

so there must be a kind of problem when one time the thumbs failed to load for whatever reason, the function will keep on freeze cubase unless you do these steps. Good to share this to all users, so that’s why I post reply with my solution.

thx for your reply Martin :wink: