Suddenly no sound in Dorico

Yesterday evening Dorico 5 worked fine, and today there is no sound, neither in write nor in play mode … This is true for new and for old files.

Here’s the diagnosic report for one of the files:
Dorico (509.7 KB)

Thanks for your help.

Toni Linder

Hi @TootSweet , thanks for the data. It’s pretty obvious, the output ports are not seen by Dorico. Please go in Dorico to Edit > Device Setup and in there click on the Driver Control Panel button, a new little window. In the bottom right of that window are the output ports listed, please make sure that there the output ports are activated.

Yes, that was the problem. Thanks a lot for your fast and effective feedback! Actually, I have no idea how the outpost port got deactivated in the first place …

Schöne Pfingsten


You are welcome. And me, too, I also don’t know how or why that happens.
Ebenso schoene Pfingsten :smiley: