Suddenly not responding to double clicks

Using latest (5.1.40) on a PC. I was editing a fairly modest file (5 instruments, 200 bars). Everything was going along just fine. Suddenly I can’t enter edit mode with a double click (responds like a single click) and all mouse clicks on the music are responding very sluggishly. I did the usual routine of restarting and what-not. No improvement. It seems to be a problem with this specific file. I opened other files and they behave normally.

I’m not allowed to upload the file, so could anyone toss out some guesses as to what has happened or suggest some things to try?


More info - The problem is related to the drum set staff. If I remove it from the layout, then clicks behave normally. That WAS what I was editing when things started to behave poorly.

Figured it out. This seems to be a bug.

When I expand the drum kit to show it’s individual elements on the “Play” screen. It causes clicks in the “Write” screen to become very unresponsive. Going back to “Play” and collapsing the drum kit back to a single entry solves the problem.


I’ve only experienced this with text items. It occurs when I’ve had Dorico open for a long time. I double-click a text item for editing and nothing happens. I have to click madly and then the text becomes editable. A restart (of Dorico) solves the problem but then the problem recurs. (Dorico, Mac OS 13.6.6)

Neil, could you share your project with me so that I can take a look? At first effort I’m not able to reproduce this, so I wonder whether it is sensitive to the specific density of the music?

I can’t, but let me see if I can create something stripped down that will reproduce the problem.

Okay, I was able to create a file that demonstrates the problem that I can send you. How shall I send it?

You can attach it here, or you can send me a private message on the forum, or you can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Take your pick.