Suddenly swing only

For some season the new Music Fonts were not installed on my computer.
I saw a tip here to reinstall Dorico 5.02. I did so and the Music Fonts were there again. Yippee!

But now an arrangement, almost finished for a client suddenly only plays back in swing…
And yes, ‘Timing’ in 'Playback Options is set to ‘straight, no swing’.

Does anyone have a solution?

You probably installed 4.3.31 at some point and according to some information found on the forum, it deletes the additional fonts… But it should have no effect on swing! My guess is that your file has a swing tempo hidden marking. Make sure the signposts are visible and check at the beginning (probably) of the file.

Thank you Marc, I should have checked earlier, there was a hidden swing tempo marker.
Problem solved.

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