suddenly very loud pops

hello all,

i’ve suddenly started experiencing very loud popping sounds whenever i move things about on the screen. sounds like sparks or static popping close to my audio equipment. these aren’t dropouts – playback and mixdown are both fine, but bizarrely, the popping happens whenever i move things in the arrange window [including slip-editing clips], maximize cubase, or re-enable a previously-disabled track, for example.

sometimes i can ‘resolve’ the issue by quitting cubase and restarting it, but this doesn’t always seem to work.

i’ve been running cubase on the same machine for several months now without this issue, and i’ve made no changes to the configuration during that time. the problem isn’t confined to any specific project. also, it seems to happen only with cubase ; none of the other programs i use, including audio editing software, causes these pops.

has this kind of thing happened to anyone else before ? any ideas about how i could fix it ?


I had this issue with Cubase 8 sometimes. It completely disappeared with Cubase 8.5 and 9.

Try going to Device Setup and setting Audio Priority to Boost.

Does this happen over your speakers, headphones, or both? A while back, I started getting random clicks, pops, and scratches when I moved things on the screen. Sometimes I could even hear the sound of a clock ticking. Drove me crazy for weeks trying to figure it out. Then I realized that on the rare occasion that I used headphones instead of my regular monitors, the noise was gone. After a quick diagnostic process, I discovered a bad speaker cable. Replaced the cable, noises went away.

thanks for replying, guys !

romantique_tp, that solved the problem ! :slight_smile:

what does that do, anyway ? i couldn’t find anything about it in the operations manual.

similarly for ‘steinberg power scheme’ – that sounds interesting too, but i can’t find any info on it.

These settings are explained here:

Note that the Steinberg Power Scheme pushes your system harder than the Windows High Performance power plan, and your CPU can get pretty hot. I would only recommend using it if you’re hearing audio glitches and can’t find a fix.