Suddenly, Weird EQ

All of a sudden the eq on my entire project got real weird. I tried selecting all tracks and then made sure they are unlinked but it didn’t help. I have no sends or inserts on my main out and have no outboard effects. Any ideas?


“real weird” :confused:

That explains a lot …

“weird” how ?

May never know. Went back to a previous version, closed the program, reopened the current project and the original eq sound was restored. Like I said, weird. “When in doubt, reboot”

Thanks for the reply,

Interesting :nerd:

I haven’t used any of the inbuilt fx in Cubase since the mid 90s . You would be wise to ditch them and any other inbuilt one’s… The strip is ok but nothing special. The sequencer as a whole however is king. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I agree. Though I have only been using Cubase for 3 years or so. Wait, I used the stereo delay a few times…