Suddenly, when media bay is open...

This might have started happening when I installed the trial of Cubase 7.5.
I’ve noticed a few weird things since then.

If MediaBay is open, most of my key commands stop working.
Close Media Bay and presto, all is good again.
It doesn’t even have to be selected, it can be hidden behind
other windows and still my key commands go blotto.
This definitely wasn’t the case until just recently.
The first time it happened I thought my keyboard died.

How is this software changing things like this on its own?

Anyone ever experience this and have a fix or whatnot?

Thanks for any info.


It looks like the trial page for Cubase 7.5 is currently undergoing maintenance, however please uninstall the Cubase 7.5 trial program and then download and install the Cubase 7.5 trial again, once our development team has the page back up and running.

I ran into the same key commands issue with my Cubase 7.5.20 (64-bit) program and uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase 7.5.0 and then re-applying the 7.5.20 update solved the problem so far.

Please let me know the result. Thank you!

Thanks Joshua but the CB 7.5 trial has long since expired.
These problems are happening in Nuendo 6.07+Nek6.
Can’t really reinstall at the moment, have a big project starting in a few days.
I will live with it for the time being.
I don’t use Media bay that often when working with clients.
Just my own projects.

I suffer from this in Cubase. It was driving me nuts. Nice to know. Sheesh.