Sugestion for Adjusting the Grid Value

When using Alt [ or ] to adjust the grid value it would be nice if showed right in context, rather than having to look down to the lower left. It would then disappear when releasing the Alt key.



That’s a really great idea!

That little popup value could maybe even appear just when holding Alt (=Option) so you can check it easily. Maybe I’m just silly, but I often forget what grid value I’m on and momentarily lose my train of thought when I have to look to the tiny icon at bottom left.


I heartily second this! Please!

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This thread gave me the idea to assign key commands to individual values according to the associated value selection key. That is, to set the grid to 16ths I use (on a Mac) control-shift-4, for 8th notes control-shift-5, etc. This way is quicker for me.

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This has been suggested a while back, in the forum. My method is even simpler: I removed the note values for 1 and 2 (I never use such small rhythmic values) and 1 is for higher grid resolution and 2 for lower grid resolution.


I stole this idea from Marc probably two years ago and have used it ever since. Just have to remember to always press 1 or 2 twice, since I almost never want dotted values for the grid unit.

I do it almost the same way. Since I always use the numpad for input I simply use CTRL + numpad value to change to that value. so CTRL + numpad 5 is eighth, + numpad 6 is quarter, etc. I virtually never use dotted grid values. This is sort of a new revelation for me though, after stealing the idea from a recent FB post.

As I try to not have to leave the numpad while inputting, I have numpad 1 to start triplet input (not tuplet input, but 3:2 triplet input) and numpad 2 to stop it. Being able to input triplets with one key is definitely a time saver for me anyway.

Another way, which works very good for me, is to put the grid levels on the numeric keypad och the corresponding values as the regular note values.

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Why don’t you use the streamdeck ? Much easier …

If your fingers are already on the keyboard, and you’re doing something for which you know the shortcut, it’s quicker to keep your hands on the keyboard! I say that even as the guy that built the Notation Express Dorico profile :wink:

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I change the values using the Touch Bar and better touch tool. Still I don’t have the visual feedback about the rhythmic value. If Dorico includes a native Touch Bar widget this would allow to press one button and drag to the right rhythm. The question here is if Apple will keep the Touch Bar in the upcoming machines as there are some rumors that the Touch Bar will be removed in the new machines.