Suggested approach for preserving track effects to guard against obsolete plugins?

I hate going back to remaster old Cubase mixes to find that most of the original effects plugins no longer exist or aren’t supported in current Cubase versions. I’ve blown a lot of hours just reconstructing an old mix because of this, when intended changes to the original weren’t that major. This was worst when 32bit plugins became obsolete.

Looking for a suggestion/tip for getting around this. I’ve recently been doing more rendering of tracks (and saving those in the project Audio folder). I’d prefer to keep mono tracks as mono, for more re-mixing flexibility. Unfortunately, in Artist 9.5, that means capturing only the channel strip inserts, so all FX Sends (other than send settings) and Stereo Out effects are missed. The Complete Signal Path + Master FX catches everything but converts every track to stereo, resulting in files double the size of the originals, which gets significant since I always keep the original source wav files too - and kinda limits mixing options.

I’d love to know how some of you handle this.



With Cubase X license you can start all older versions. So if you own Cubase Pro 9 license, you can start Cubase Pro 8 (for example) in 32-bit mode, if you want to work on old projects.

Thanks Martin. That’s been my starting point. Some of the tracks involved were done in Cubase 4 or even earlier. But that does mean you have to have the older programs loaded. Where it becomes more of an issue is in deciding to pull an old project into Cub 9.5 or 10 to take advantage of new features and improvements.

Just finished this with some projects. I had Cubase 4 and Artist 9.5 running at the same time and switching back & forth to replicate some old effects plugins. Worked - just time consuming. And for some reason, I had to keep resetting sampling rates, as the programs kept wanting to change every time I jumped from one to the other even though both old & new projects, defaults and my UR44 were all set the same. :confused:

Just hoping for a solution that gives me a better starting point.