Suggested formatting option for altered unisons

Altered unisons are a struggle in standard notation, regardless of software. Does Dorico presently have good alternatives to avoid a passage like the following from taking up so much horizontal space? Bass clef, two celli:
Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 21.35.56

I’d love for altered unisons to look like true unisons with two accidentals. Something like this hasty sketch:

Update: Dorico does exactly this. <3

There are some options for how altered unisons appear – see the page below, including the tip at the end about how to change the corresponding per-flow default setting

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Just fell in love with Dorico even more. Exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.

Follow-up question: Is there a setting to hide accidentals on tied altered unisons? I’m getting

and would like the default to be

You can hide or show accidentals on a note-by-note basis. Select the notehead in Engrave mode and use the bottom panel. I’ve set a key command to show or hide accidentals.

Hey Dan, Thanks for the quick reply. I’m actually looking for a default setting that would automatically execute this. I’ve been using the method you describe. Bit cumbersome as this occurs quite a bit in my score.

I don’t think there’s a setting that would handle this automatically, but you could have a trawl through the cautionary accidentals options on the Accidentals page of Notation Options.

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