Suggested machine for Cubase 11 and NI Komplete Ultimate

Hello. I’m looking for workstation machine suggestions. Currently run a PC 4core, Win10, Focustrite3rd gen i/o with CB11pro but its slow and skipping. Someone suggest the Mac Pro tower 12core,32gb ram circa 2013. Kinda old but does anyone know if CB11P and Komplete Ultimate might run without issue on such a machine. Thanks.

As long as it’s a Mac, everything should “just work”.

At least that’s what I’ve read on the internet, and the internet never lies.


That’s a pretty general question. How hard are you running Cubase? How many instruments are causing it to be slow and skipping? What is your buffer size? How much RAM do you have? Can you optimize your instruments such that more of each of them load into RAM?

My question is regarding if CB11P and Komplete Ultimate might run without issue on a beefed up Mac pro tower 12 core machine. I’ve already assessed my current configurations and machine as sub par. There has gotta be shitloads of MPT users who know which Mac OS’s , Mac hardware, & builds work best w/ CBP11 & KU.

perhaps the Trash Can Mac is best over the Tower? As Sierra has numerous neg reviews for CB11P.

Really, there’s no way to answer your questions without you answering the questions asked by your respondents.

And another way to answer this is… well, if you’re moving from a 4-core to a 12-core… and say, an 8GB to a 32GB RAM machine, then you are going to see significant improvement, as long as the 2nd machine is of a newer model. But then, of course, are you using SSDs or planning to install SSDs? Does you have a lot of sampled instruments playing at the same time such that you’re really taxing your hard disk drive?

The best thing you can do is really understand where the bottlenecks are with your current machine, find out that machine’s specs, and then compare with the specs of a newer machine… and then see if you feel satisfied with the percentage of performance increase… BUT lastly, you just aren’t going to know how fast of a machine you need until you TRY it out… which, frankly, is why most people buy a machine that they know is plenty capable enough, rather than buy a much older machine.