Suggestion: Add mute/solo presets capability

I often want to switch back and forth among various sets of track mute/solo combinations. For a simplified example, if I have 5 tracks (1-5) ; I might want to hear only tracks 1 and 3 soloed, then switch to hear only tracks 2, 3 and 5 soloed. Unless I’m missing something, I currently have to manually reset the mute/solo settings every time I switch to a new combinaton. It would be very time-saving to be able to save multiple user-defined mute/solo arrangements and be able to switch among them with a pull-down menu or key combinations. In other words, one could set all the mute/solo buttons for a project in a specific combination and then save and name that combination as a preset to recall with one click–and setup multiple such presents.

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With Q-Link you can Solo or Mute the selected tracks.
I also have a macro to solo/unsolo all selected track and one for mute/unmute. I guess this combination over the same group of track should work too (I`m not at the studio right now).

I would have thought using either a second Mix Console or the Mix Console Snapshots would be just the tools for this job, but not for Solo/Mute switching. The Mix Consoles sync and the snapshots don’t work for Mute/Solo.
@diegoalejo15 's advice to use Q-link works quite nicely.

Thanks. I do use Q-Link a lot, including for solo/mute functions, but you still have to select the combination of tracks you want to solo or mute. A preset solo/mute capability would allow you to pre-define multiple sets of track combinations and switch among them with one click.