[Suggestion] Add "Unit Tests" feature to summarize pitch-out-of-range issues in a text report

This is a feature request, but I also want to know whether this can be done by scripting. I know nothing about Dorico Script as of now.

We all know that Dorico uses red noteheads to indicate those out-of-range notes.
However, for large orchestral projects, these issues can still be unintentionally neglected.
That’s why a dedicated Unit Test feature helps in such case.

This feature can also do a per-instrument analysis to indicate any too-hard-to-play spots.

P.S.: As an optional feature, I guess that this unit tests can also check possible SATB mistakes, etc.

We do plan to add features in future to help you find possible errors – or things that at least need human review – in future versions of the software.

(I guarantee, however, that we won’t call such a feature “unit tests”.)