Suggestion: Alt+Left/Right arrow to move by grid amount

Hey all,

I’d suggested this in another thread, but I thought I’d make a new separate one for more visibility.

As of version 1.0.30, if you select one or more notes and press (PC) Alt+Left/Right arrow, you move the note or group of notes by their full (total) value, regardless of the caret grid.

My suggestion is to have that key command move the notes by the grid value, so that even if you select, say, a quarter note or a group of 3 eighth notes, and the grid is set to sixteenth notes, the selected note(s) get move by a sixteenth note; instead of by a quarter or dotted quarter respectively.

Yes, this has been the plan all along: we just haven’t had a chance to fix this up yet.



Great to hear! Also, thank you for being so attentive to user input in these forums.