Suggestion: Auto-check the "Text Shown " checkbox when adding new Tempo Text

When the user types characters into an empty “Text” field, the “Text Shown” checkmark should become automatically checked, as the user’s intention is to display that text.

This sort of thing has been discussed many times already, and while not to everyone’s liking, there is a logic behind the way it is programmed.

I don’t think I agree, Ed. In general I’m not in favour of magically altering a different option. By extension I expect you would want the property to be magically switched off when you clear the Text field. In which case… why have the Text shown property at all?

The Text shown property is really only needed when the text is filled and you don’t want to show it. If it were changed to Text hidden , then you toggle the switch when you want to hide, which is the reverse of what happens now.

My suggestion above removes the need for magical checkbox ticking and should result in less manual ticking for most users/use cases, I would think.

I’ve requested “a long time ago” that the properties panel “knows” what settings are set, and that simply enabling a property would automatically change the value to the other one (when there are only two states) or the next one (when there are more than two states). Apparently, this is a heavy task and it hasn’t reached the top of the priority list. I admit I’d rather have access to new features than this kind of UI optimization, but I still think they will be welcome to optimize the workflow.