SUGGESTION - automation span adjustment

when drawing automation, it is often necessary to select a span of the curve and vary the level of the curve uniformly over the entire span. the end result is a section of the music where the level increases/decreases immediately to a given level, stays at that level for a time, then immediately returns to the previous level. the curve that describes this is below.

currently in cubase there is no easy way to draw this simple curve from scratch. ideally, the user would select a span of the curve using the area-select tool or by swiping across the desired area with the object-select tool, then create the new level span from the selected area by simply dragging the mouse up or down inside the area. currently, the only way to create the required area is by making 4 points on the curve using the object-select tool and dragging the inner points to their extreme upper bounds, then reselecting those points in order to change the line uniformly over the entire span.

some cubase users have designed macros to work around this limitation, but the macros suffer from some minor limitations and have failed for some users with successive upgrades to cubase.

this operation is fundamental. that it doesn’t exist already in cubase is astounding. that it doesn’t exist already in cubase and does in several other competitors’ products (some of which are, in other respects, clearly inferior to cubase) is shameful.