Suggestion: avoid the orange color in voices color

Hello team! I have a little request for my flowwork.
Please, don’t show Orange color in voices color, because is the same color of note selectioned, and frequently I confused It.

Thank you very much!

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Takes a while to get to orange, doesn’t it? How many voices are you using?

Edit: I’m wrong. Happens pretty quickly in a grand-staff instrument.

I have the same issue, would prefer the voices color wasn’t in orange.



Here in Holland we’re used to orange…

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++1 for me too. Vaughan I’ve nothing against orange (you should see my little Fiat Cabriolet). But besides being the edit color, I. find it somewhat easy to confuse with red when the notes are really close.

I agree, grudgingly. :wink:

+1. Very confusing.