[Suggestion]: Better automatic collision avoidance

Hi everyone!

I already talked about the problem of the missing “avoid collision” checkbox for most objects in this thread: (which sadly never got a reply)

While this would enable manually solving most of Doricos spacing problems (which I don’t think will be ever avoidable, without an AI at work), I still think, Dorico could do a better job by itself, especially at rehearsal marks.

In combination with cues this happens:

The only way to fix this >fast< is to move the cue to the right in Engrave mode like this:
Doing it manually would need you, to align the staves by yourself, which is not recommended and time consuming.

The same think happens to system text like this:
Of course, checking avoid collision solves this problem very fast, but this becomes annoying quiet fast, as it seems unnecessary easy.

Solution: (?)
Give Dorico the possibility, to check for horizontal space within a customizable area, as most of the time, there is plenty! :slight_smile:
This would maybe also solve some of the massive object stacking for condensing, I mentioned in the other thread. But I can see, why this would be much more complex to solve.

I would love to see this, as in my opinion, this is the time-killer No. 1 when preparing parts. (and sometimes scores)

Thank you!

At the moment, Dorico never resolves collisions by moving items horizontally, only vertically. I agree that in some situations it would be preferable for Dorico to be able to move an item a little way rightwards to avoid vertical movement, and this is something we plan to look into at some point in the future.