[Suggestion]: Better automatic collision avoidance

Hi everyone!

I already talked about the problem of the missing “avoid collision” checkbox for most objects in this thread: (which sadly never got a reply)

While this would enable manually solving most of Doricos spacing problems (which I don’t think will be ever avoidable, without an AI at work), I still think, Dorico could do a better job by itself, especially at rehearsal marks.

In combination with cues this happens:

The only way to fix this >fast< is to move the cue to the right in Engrave mode like this:
Doing it manually would need you, to align the staves by yourself, which is not recommended and time consuming.

The same think happens to system text like this:
Of course, checking avoid collision solves this problem very fast, but this becomes annoying quiet fast, as it seems unnecessary easy.

Solution: (?)
Give Dorico the possibility, to check for horizontal space within a customizable area, as most of the time, there is plenty! :slight_smile:
This would maybe also solve some of the massive object stacking for condensing, I mentioned in the other thread. But I can see, why this would be much more complex to solve.

I would love to see this, as in my opinion, this is the time-killer No. 1 when preparing parts. (and sometimes scores)

Thank you!

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At the moment, Dorico never resolves collisions by moving items horizontally, only vertically. I agree that in some situations it would be preferable for Dorico to be able to move an item a little way rightwards to avoid vertical movement, and this is something we plan to look into at some point in the future.


Hi there! As this for sure won’t be tackled anytime soon, I thought I suggest another idea for the time being, which I am using at the moment to be faster and which might be a quick “fix” for Dorico itself? :slight_smile:

Most of the time, it’s still the cue-labels which get into the way of everything, but instead of moving them to the right, I now mostly prefer just toggling them below the staff. (it they weren’t already placed there, because of a downstem-voice)

Two things would come handy here:

  1. And old and known “issue” of Dorico: When enabling the “Placement” option, above will always be the default, even if the text is already placed there.
    I understand, that someone might like to “lock” the placement of a text, but I guess, that most of the people check that option to change something, so wouldn’t it be much more useful to toggle the option, the moment a user activates it?

  2. An (optional) automatic horizontal collision check by dorico to decide, if a text should be placed below. I imagine not beeing the only one to use rehearsel marks and cues (which mostly appear at a rehearsal mark), so this should safe a lot of tme for many people, or am I doing something very unusual here?

Thank you very much for your efforts! I really enjoy the many little fixes introduced with each update!