Suggestion: Bottom Menu


Would it be possible to reduce the size of the “Common” box (Write Mode) on the bottom menu of the program (Control+8)? It takes precious real-estate from articulations and other boxes.

From what I can tell, it’s only displaying Position, Muted, and Color, which can be reduced in size to create more space for more useful things in one screen with less scrolling.



No, the Properties panel is contextual and so shows different properties depending on what you have selected. If you have multiple different types of items selected, then only the Common group will appear, but if you select items of just one kind, then you will see many options available. If you find the Properties panel too large, then work with it hidden when you don’t need it: you have already learned the keyboard shortcut, after all.

Well, Daniel, I think jmatos has a point here : Common group is something I seldom use, and when I only have my laptop screen, I sometimes have to scroll to the right side of the panel where really interesting properties are shown — like grace notes types or so… Maybe the order of those groups could be changed ?

Hi Daniel,

I’m not referring to the whole Properties Panel, I actually think that’s a great feature of the program. It’s only the “Common” box in the panel, which like stated above takes priority over other useful boxes in the menu.

Here’s a screenshot of what I meant by the Common box (on the left) and it’s use compared to the rest on the right. The Articulations box is all the way to the right where the user would need to scroll to access important options.

With the few things in the Common box it could be reduced in size or shifted to the very right of the panel, with other options taking priority.

Thanks for posting this Juan - for what it’s worth I think the Common box should stay where it is. But I agree, it could probably be a little smaller, horizontally.